List of Different Types of Drones

So are you questioning what choices you have when you're shopping for a drone type? In this informative post, I will explain to you the three categories and the five different drone types. When it comes to consumer drones, they can be broken into three categories:
  • fixed-wing drone has a firm formation which forms lift below the wing because of advancing airspeed. This drone is created by both an internal motor or electrical controlled propeller. They will need either a handheld or runway take-off to be able to fly over great distances as opposed to hovering.
  • Single rotor drones depend figured it- only a single rotor to stay hovering. Tail rotors don't count- a flying drone with a frontal rotor and tail rotor is recognized as a single rotor drone.
  • multirotor drone or multicopter is a drone that has more than two rotors.
Multirotor drones are the most popular among consumers.  Now, below is a list of the five drone types that I will be giving you information on. These drones are all different sizes and used for a different purpose.  

1. Mini Drones

Mini drones are just mini/nano quadcopters. Some are even smaller than the palm of your hand.  These type of drones are easy to control and are considered one of the best for new users. If you're starting on level one, these are the type to experiment and learn with. Not only that these drones are simple and easy to use, but they are also really affordable. Many are less than $70 that might even have built-in cameras! One of the perks for owning a mini drone is that they are great for flying indoors. With its miniature size, it wouldn't much a problem just flying this type of drone inside the comfort of your home. Because many people start with mini drones, they typically come with propeller guards to shield the quadcopter against damage throughout the learning process. Your drone's outcome can be negative, and it happens when you least expect it. Propeller guards can play a considerable role in protecting your flying drone. There are a few quadcopters like "Holy Stone HS160 Mini Drone" and even the "Parrot Airborne Cargo Mini Drone." These are excellent choices for starters.

2. Hobby Drones

If you don’t have or want to invest a lot of cash upfront, then hobby drones with cameras are an excellent choice. For those that pursue photography and filming as their hobby/career, these make fantastic drones. You’ve seen YouTubers, and video bloggers do it. Why not invest in one yourself?

3. Professional Drones

When you’re thinking of high-end and numerous equipped features of the most advanced drones, professional drones provide longer-lasting flight times with more built-in technology. An investment that can provide you the experience to capture astonishing high-quality aerial video/photos. Professional drones can make a decent summation to your filming collection. If you’ve been doing photographer, you will undoubtedly have a valuable tool that can provide new opportunities for your career/hobby. Even novices with limited training can be proficient at taking some of the most desirable vacation/home video footage and images imaginable. These drone camera shots that will have your family and friends stunned by the beauty of it. Just make sure to not use the professional drones or any drones overall at national parks.

4. Selfie Drones

In the market for drone-loving-customers, selfie drones are one of the new innovative ways for people to take pictures. The selfie drone is another addition to the drone types: mini drones, hobby drones, professional drones, and racing drones. They are available in the market almost anywhere. As technology in the drone-world proceeds to better itself, many drone manufacturers are improving their drone features. Drone companies are working on enhancements with all of those chips and sensors to store one these robotic machines. These developments have made it possible to construct a more portable and user-friendly drone to provide more needed features as well as convenience.

5. Racing Drones

With the wide-spread use for drones, comes new creative robots used for sports- FPV racing drones. Without a doubt, drone racing is growing at an exponential rate, becoming one of the most exciting hobbies throughout the world.

What’s Your Drone Type?

  1. Mini Drone
  2. Hobby Drone
  3. Professional Drone
  4. Selfie Drone
  5. Racing Drone