Selfie Drones Introduce A New Way For People To Take Pictures

In the market for drone-loving-customers, selfie drones are one of the new innovative ways for people to take pictures. The selfie drone is another addition to the drone types: mini drones, hobby drones, professional drones, and racing drones. They are available in the market almost anywhere.

As technology in the drone-world proceeds to better itself, many drone manufacturers are improving their drone features. Drone companies are working on enhancements with all of those chips and sensors to store one these robotic machines. These developments have made it possible to construct a more portable and user-friendly drone to provide more needed features as well as convenience.

Are you a selfie-loving person? These selfie drones have options to control with a simple click of a button for people that want a picture or video taken. It’s simple as that.

These tiny, foldable, and compact selfie drones with 4K camera-quality are manufactured to be more portable than bigger models with equal-like features. Because of this factor, selfie drones are quite appealing to consumers.

Why not own a selfie drone especially when you can capture your very own selfie shots from a unique aspect?

What Are Selfie Drones?

It’s already evident from just the name itself. To give you a better answer, I would like to mention that selfie drones can come in many different designs– most are compact or slim.

Why not pocket your drone? Some selfie drones are even pocket-size and foldable. When it comes to this certain type of drone, portability mis appreciated by consumers. I mean, you can easily pack these drones!

Here’s a video of the AirSelfie2 drone:

You can check out the reviews and information on the AirSelfie2 if you click here. 

Majority of selfie drones are used and managed by an application that you install on your phone or tablet. On the phone/tablet application, there are different modes for the user to control. An example would be putting it to “selfie mode” for the drone to take photos and video recordings.

These are great for beginner drone pilots that want to focus on taking that ideal selfie- or should I call it “DRONIE.”

If you’re an introvert like me, you can finally stop asking random strangers to take a photo(s) of you on your camera. You can have a robotic friend that will do that for you and it’s all in your control!

Definition of a Dronie

The blend of ‘selfie’ and ‘drone’ has invented this new term, and many users would call it the dronie. The greatest dronies can be taken by having the drone focus on your group of family/friends and then reversing out to unveil your location.

I mean take a peek at this video:

How awesome are these dronies? Every one of these dronies is breathtaking. This video gives me many reasons to own a selfie drone.

I guess hand-held selfie sticks aren’t as fresh as they used to be. These modern technology selfie drones just beat it by a thousand times.

Characteristics That Make Selfie Drones Extremely Popular

-Portability: Just like your smartphone, selfie drones are very convenient and portable. You can become adaptable to it over time.

-Ease of Use: Very simple to use! You can control your drone right from your smartphone or tablet. How? Just download the application! Some apps will even let you edit with the feature to share to your social media.

-Image Quality: You can also get professional 4K camera quality from a simple selfie drone. Now that’s high quality!

-Follow Me Mode: Many drones nowadays offer this common feature. You can program your drone to follow you from behind (like Ash’s Pikachu), or have it focus on your front. With this autonomous feature, you can finally control a robot army!

New Selfie Drones’ Advanced Features

-Precise Positioning: There are a few drone designs that have vision sensors to keep it accurately in place, even when you don’t have GPS.

-Facial Recognition: Your camera on the drone can focus and recognize your face.

-Gesture Control: You can signal your drone to take a picture of you only by creating a picture frame with your hands! The drone will recognize this hand movement and will take a picture of you.

At the moment, the majority of selfie drones uses a companion app on your smartphone for the controls. The feature for “gesture control” appears to be a much friendlier option for many users. Drone companies are working on voice control options for future developments on drones.

What Can You Use Selfie Drones For?

The average selfie drone owner wants to have the ability to film their beloved memories anytime and anywhere. In modern-day, many people would take selfies when they’re on an unforgettable adventure with friends. Whether it’s at a park or a beach, you wouldn’t want to miss out on that perfect angle for a picture!

There are events like your friends’ birthday parties, impress your family at a family reunion, holidays, and even on your very own BBQ day. Owning a selfie drone can be an excellent way to capture and treasure these memories. Why not share them on social media with your friends after?

If you’re a camper, hiker, or enjoy any outdoor ventures, you can launch your very own selfie drone recording you while you’re in action. Do you want to record yourself making a rare basketball shot? How about rock climbing? You can capture yourself in action with a bizarre background shot of the striking view.

Three Tips For Selfie Drones

First time owning a selfie drone can be exciting. I have several tips for you before/after you purchase your very own air drone:

  • When you’re buying your drone, don’t hesitate to read the manual. Every drone has different features and quality.
  • Having a practice flight session can help you become familiar with the features.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and area. Not all selfie drones have object avoidance feature. There are stories of users damaging their drones because of a simple mistake and not focusing on their surroundings.


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