What Are Hobby Drones?

Aside from entertainment in the drone world, you’ve probably seen people applying their favorite hobbies and skills with the usage of their drones!

When you’re listening to a discussion regarding hobby drones, what do you habitually think about in this topic? Well, the drone world is enormous, and these drones have many different purposes. When you have an interest or hobby in photography, filming, or recording your impressive sports play, then this is what I would call it a “hobby drone.

How Drones Can Help Make Hobbies More Enjoyable:

Here are several examples of how drones can help make hobbies more enjoyable:

  • Filming – Are you filming a skit or a play? Perhaps you want to record a video blog for your YouTube channel. You can even film your daily life from a different perspective and angle.
  • Photography – Do you want awe-inspiring prom or wedding photos? Who needs to hire a photographer when you have your very own, right? It all depends on you but there are many drones out there with extreme HD quality.
  • Sports – I’ve seen this done MANY times with drone products. There are people using drones to film their parkour, skating tricks, and even basketball shots. With the drone on autopilot mode, you can definitely get the shot that you desire.

Videos of People Using Drones for Hobbies

Here are a few videos of people filming themselves using drones to record their sports trick: 

Drone Video: Parkour

Drone Video: Skating


Here is a video filmed by a drone of a person riding their skate in Toronto. This stunning video looks straight out of a movie!

Should You Own One?

If you don’t have or want to invest a lot of cash upfront, then hobby drones with cameras are an excellent choice. For those that pursue photography and filming as their hobby/career, these make fantastic drones. You’ve seen YouTubers, and video bloggers do it. Why not invest in one yourself?

The majority of new flying drone users start with the small mini drones like the Hubsan X4 or Syma X11, which I recommend when you’re learning the basics. Of course, after learning the basics, you would want a drone that’s better and maybe even bigger.

You probably want a better RC drone that introduces more advanced features. You want one that you can bring outdoors to apply your skills to aerial photography.

The technology and features behind the drones are quickly improving. With such enhanced technologies in the modern world, these drones offer various choices when it comes to shopping for the most suitable low-cost remote control drone.

Several known features that are on many of the latest drone models include headless mode, high-definition cameras, altitude hold, and even a flip button for additional enjoyment. There’s a feature that has been increasing in popularity lately, which is FPV (first-person view).

After all, it all depends on your personal preference for drone types. Whatever you like to spend or buy, is all up to you to decide. Choose the drone that is most suited for you to fly.

NOTE: It’s inevitable to crash a drone. It can unmistakably happen anytime when you least expect it. The battery life on most drones doesn’t last too long either. I hugely recommend that you should purchase an extra battery pack and maybe a set of propellers, as recommended by many avid drone users.

Reasons To Buy Hobby Drones:

With such affordable high-tech machines in today’s day and age, there’s no reason to not own an air drone! Why should you own a drone for your hobby?

  1. You can be creative with your skills and hobbies. It’s an art.
  2. You can film and take pictures of stunning content that can be shared with the world.
  3. If you’re an introvert and a hobbyist like me, then a hobby drone can be your best friend.
  4. It’s affordable!

What’s Your Drone Type?

Click below to read up on the air drone type that is most suitable for you:

  1. Racing Drone
  2. Hobby Drone
  3. Professional Drone
  4. Selfie Drone
  5. Mini Drone



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