Learning About (First-Person-View) FPV Racing Drones

With the wide-spread use for drones, comes new creative robots used for sports- FPV racing drones. Without a doubt, drone racing is growing at an exponential rate becoming one of the most exciting hobbies throughout the world.

Check out this $1,000,000 drone race:

If you’re interested and a novice to racing drones, you should give it a try. It’s better to start off with your very own ready-built FPV racing drone instead of going through the frustrations and headache of building from a racing drone kit. That would be a better choice if you’re not really the builder type.

I got to admit, I’m even terrible at building Lego sets myself. I’d be content with the set already built to avoid the struggles and time consumption.

In the drone racing world, there are tons of knowledge on the most suitable way to enter this sport. The precious internet is jammed with knowledge and comparison charts. There are even long-written reviews about FPV racing drones and even (do-it-yourself) DIY drone racing kits.

When you’re learning to fly a racing drone, make sure to take learn and practice beforehand. Many experts and I would recommend starting without the goggles. After you’re more familiar with controlling a racing drone, then you can find one that fits in your budget range.

Flying Drone Goggles


Other Drone Types

Click below to read up on the air drone type that is most suitable for you:

  1. Mini Drone
  2. Hobby Drone
  3. Professional Drone
  4. Selfie Drone


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