What is an Octocopter Drone?

Octocopters- as the utopian name suggests- are the 24-carat gold rings of the drone world. They are the largest, most expensive and the most desired of all other drones. Sounds impressive, right? That’s because the Octocopter is a UAV drone, boasting an eye-watering eight rotors. Just like an Octopus- hence, Octocopter.

The quadcopter pales in comparison to the octocopter mainly due to the Octocopter’s ability to lug around. Octocopters are a more massive payload.  What’s a payload? I hear you ask? The payload is the extra weight a drone is capable of carrying, which excludes the actual weight of the craft. Most heavy lift drones can carry a payload of up to 40 pounds. This ability opens the Octocopter up to perform a range of demanding tasks other drones simply would not be able to do.

For carrying cameras, GoPro drones are great, but sometimes a heavier camera is required- and that’s where drones like the Octocopter come in. This fact can be used in many areas of research, as you will read later on.

Most consumers buy drones like the octocopter without the need of the more massive payload-carrying abilities, so the question is: why do they do it? Here, we reviewed the different ways the use of Octocopters can benefit a consumer.

The Octocopter Shows How Drones Are Used in Agriculture

So exactly how drones are used in agriculture? Octocopters are useful in lots of ways, but one of the primary uses is in agriculture. Feeling tired, sweating from all your manual labour? Why not buy a drone to help take the strain off? That’s precisely why drones like the octocopter are so popular, assisting workers to carry heavy loads over long distances– how useful! They also can aerially record and scope areas of land very quickly, which humans definitely cannot do.

An example of this is the non-profit research center Rothamsted Research, who conduct many experiments over large areas of land using octocopter drones to record data, which in turn benefits agriculture internationally. By attaching specially-created cameras to the drones, the research center can acquire the crop height and maturity of selected crops. The use of octocopters over quadcopters increase accuracy and efficiency since the former can carry multiple cameras at once.

Octocopters are also very useful to farmers, helping them track where water is heading, and the amount of water used in their crops. The stability of the octocopter drone means it can smoothly hover over to exact areas- which is a great help.

Here’s a footage of an octocopter spraying drone (sound might be loud, make sure your volume isn’t too high up!):

Land Surveying or Mapping Drone

Land surveying or what I call it, mapping drone, is another excellent use of an octocopter, which professionals often take advantage of. Again, by using an Octocopter, you can dramatically increase efficiency when performing tasks such as mapping out large areas of land. The raw power of the Octocopter gives a spectacular view from above, which as you can guess, is extremely useful in land surveying. If you want to focus your time on the data itself, the Octocopter is perfect at managing the more strenuous task of exploring from above. 

Search and Rescue Missions

Another fantastic perk of the octocopter is its ability to withstand dangerous situations in which humans would most definitely suffer an injury or fatality attempting. This means that they are very valuable during search and rescue missions. 

Due to the immense versatility of the Octocopter, it can carry a range of heavy, life-saving equipment– which other drones would struggle with. The drone can also reach stunning altitudes which provide a much better view of the search area. The speed and agility of these powerful drones also increase efficiency, a vital tool in a rescue mission. These abilities could potentially save your life and the lives of many others one day. 

I would definitely call this type of drone the rescue drone.

Preventing Poachers: Nature Conservation

Just like all the above, octocopters help to optimise the world of nature conservation. Both animal and land conservationists are greatly assisted by octocopters, without which could be extremely detrimental to the cause of protecting our environment. 

Poachers are often a threat to conservation, but with the help of drones such as the Octocopter, tracking and catching them becomes a much faster task. Conservationists take advantage of live feeds and FPV to record the locations of poachers, which can hugely decrease the time it takes to put a stop to them. These methods also help to catch those abusing fishing and hunting laws, all with the assistance of the octocopter.

By taking to the skies, Octocopters can see the big picture when it comes to climate change, and how it changes the land. Using the aerial perspective obtained by the drone and the amazing ability to carry the weight of multiple cameras, scientists can better observe climate change. Isn’t that mind-blowing?

By using the Octocopter, accuracy and efficiency are high up there- which are all critical factors in any area of research.

Octocopters Available on the Market

The DJI Spreading Wings S1000 is one of the many Octocopters available to buy. This innovative machine works wonders out in the field- you should try it for yourself!

This Octocopter is so stable and smooth to operate, and even with the eight rotors, transporting it around is a breeze. The rotors are in fact foldable, and the propellers can be neatly tucked away for extra portability. Even with this in mind, the S1000 should be ready to fly in 5 minutes, all for your convenience. The machine boasts a battery life of 15 minutes and impressive 7kg payload. The position of the gimbal mount is low, providing an unobstructed aerial view. 

Octocopters are the future of the flying drone technology, improving the research, work and lives of many people. Don’t stay in the past; get an Octocopter. If you need a powerful drone, then the octocopter drone is the one for you!

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