Introduction: Yuneec Drone Company

The Yuneec drone company started as a manufacturer mainly for remote-controlled aircraft. Yuneec mentioned on their website that safety is their main priority when it comes to building these products. We agree. With more and more usage of drones in the everyday world, having high-end safety feature plays a vital role in such advanced technology.

Yuneec’s drone technology can help from firefighters to law enforcements stretching to the coast guards. In maintaining a safe environment, Yuneec believes that a view from the higher grounds can help first responders to overcome many obstacles.

Since the beginning of Yuneec, which started as an aircraft industry, they’ve had a goal to surpass their limits in the electric aviation field. They’ve been in the business for a long 15 years.

Yuneec Drones

For over 15 years in the business, Yuneec produced electric longboards to high-end drones. Since you’re on a drone-related website, we will showcase you several drone models and videos below.

1. H520 RTK- With this drone model, the H520 RTK provides a centimeter-level accuracy. This drone model also provides real-time kinematics.

2. Mantis Q- Are you the efficiency type kind of person? Look no further! With the Mantis Q, you should be able to fold it and take it wherever you go. No need to waste any more time setting up a drone. You can fold and go!

3. Typhoon H Plus- The Typhoon H Plus is also known as the one-inch camera drone. We highly recommend this drone model for photo- and videographers. Do you need to update your Instagram with a picture from a unique perspective? Then Typhoon H Plus should be one of the drones on your list!

4. H520- Are you a perfectionist and want professional results? Maybe you’re looking to jump-start your career by creating commercials and content at a professional level. Well, with the right mind/skills and this professional drone, this might be a great jumpstart to your career.

5. Tornado H920 Plus- With a variety of uses (recommended for professionals), the Tornado H920 Plus might be the one for you. With its innovative features and designs, the Tornado H920 Plus makes it possible for professionals to capture exciting content.

Yuneec Accessories

Owning certain drones sometimes require extra accessories for better enhancements. Yuneec offers accessories like cameras, remotes, to even goggles.

  1. Cameras- Yuneec offers various types of cameras. Which type of cameras will be the right fit for you? They manufacture from thermal cameras to even cameras with sensors! How cool is that? Thermal cameras would make a great addition to enhance your drone experience.
  2. Remotes- Like using a Nintendo Switch joy-con to a pro controller, Yuneec offers controllers for a different type of drone models. Depending on what controller is more suitable for your needs, then definitely acquire one to enhance your drone experience.
  3. Bumper Cage- Who would’ve known that drone bumper cages are a thing? Well, this is such a helpful protection accessory. If you believe that you’re not skilled of a pilot when it comes to your drone, then we highly recommend getting a drone bumper cage. Anything can happen and usually happens when you least expect it. You’ve seen fail videos of drones on the internet. Why not lessen the risk of a drone accident by owning a bumper cage?
  4. First Person View Headset- Alright, we’ve seen virtual realities, but how about actual-reality? The headset is one of our favourite accessories! The Yuneec first-person view headset, also known as Skyview, will provide you with the current view of your drone in live-action. Think of a virtual reality goggle set. You wear it on and start flying your drone. The first-person headset is one of our recommended products to maximise your user experience.

Yuneec offers a variety of accessories. These are a few of the essential tools that we thought would be cool to share!

Safe Flying

On the Yuneec official site, they provide consumers with a safety flying guide. On their aerial cameras, the design contains a unique built-in safety feature. This safety feature helps protect you and others.

The Yuneec drones are pre-programmed to make sure they don’t fly in national authority designated no-fly area (flights above 122m). While there are countless places to fly, different locations have different restrictions. Always double check on your local area regulations before starting your drone at a new site.

Below are ten tips that are recommended by Yuneec:

  • Inspect Your Aircraft- Always make sure to inspect your flying Yuneec drone for damage. You want to ensure that it is ready for flight.
  • Charge Batteries- You want to get the most and best user experience out of every flight session. Usually, batteries can take up to two hours for a full charge. Make sure to plan to ensure that your flying drone is trouble-free after starting your flight.
  • Install Your Propeller Correctly- When you’re installing your propellers, make sure to install it at the correct mark! For example- installing propeller marked A on the corresponding rotors that are marked A. Not B. There’s a reason why there’s A and B.
  • Check Your Controllers- Another safety tip is to make sure that your controller is on first before your drone. When turning your controller off, make sure that the drone is off first. Make sure to turn off your drone before turning off your controller.
  • Before Taking Off- Before you take off, make sure that you’re at a considerable distance from your air drone. Preferably, 8m.
  • Maintain Visual Contact With The Drone- Always maintain visual contact with your aircraft at all times so you can keep control over your drone.
  • Know Your Maximum Altitude- Wherever you’re flying, different locations have different regulations. You want to make sure that you know those regulations and if a permit is required before you start your drone!
  • Stay in Control- Always keep your hands on your air drone control to maintain a controlled flight. Again, anything can happen when you least expect it.
  • No Alcohol/Drugs- We mentioned this before. You shouldn’t be flying your drone under the influence, whether it’s drugs or alcohol.
  • Respect The Privacy of Others- Always be respectful of people’s private property. If you appreciate your privacy, then don’t enter the spheres of privacy of others.

Your Drone Type?

  1. Mini Drone
  2. Hobby Drone
  3. Professional Drone
  4. Selfie Drone
  5. Racing Drone
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